Dr Neville Misquitta MD Psychiatry at Pathfinder Clinic Pune

Dr Neville Misquitta Consultant Psychiatrist at Pathfinder Clinic Pune has more than 25 years clinical experience treating acute and chronic psychiatric disorders in adults and children. Depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders – including social anxiety, phobias, panic disorders and OCD are commonly managed in the clinic setting. PTSD and stress related disorders, insomnia, sleep disorders, and problems related to Alzheimer's Dementia are treated. Body image disorders and anorexia nervosa are managed effectively. Dr Misquitta has put his extensive experience to good effect treating bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia and other major psychoses.

Dr Misquitta also has more than 20 years experience with children having ADHD, Learning Disorders, and behavioural, emotional and academic problems. Dr Misquitta was Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the famous AF Golden Jubilee School that pioneered the concept of inclusion with the first integrated Special Wing in Delhi. He initiated the Child Psychiatry consultation-liaison program at ASHA School for Children with Neuro-developmental Disabilities, Bangalore. He is the principal author for the Armed Forces Guidelines on Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and has published papers on child psychiatry.