aptitude testing for career guidance

Aptitude Testing

Aptitude testing is a standardised method to measure your ability to develop skills and acquire knowledge. Our test specifically measures eight aptitudes– verbal ability, numerical ability, spatial ability, closure ability, clerical ability, reasoning ability, mechanical ability, and psychomotor ability. These sub-tests are timed and compared to age, gender, and education based norms as opposed to computerised and self-report assessments.

Pathfinder Clinic comprehensive aptitude testing includes tests of aptitude,career interests, personality, and IQ. These tests are designed to measure your skills, discover your interests, and understand your personality. Once compiled, they help to define your natural preferences and strengths. These are then matched with various career options.

Who can take an aptitude test?

Students from Class 9 onwards into College, and adults can take this test. You get a picture of your abilities as compared to others at your education level.

When should I do an aptitude test?

An aptitude test can be done at any career choice stage. Initially this may be when you are in high school (Class 9 to 12), or later in college. Even as an adult, when you are considering a career change an aptitude test can help. At Pathfinder Clinic, we have a special work-style assessment for individuals already in the work-force who are considering a career change.

An aptitude test does not guarantee a perfect career. However, it will help narrow down your choices. An aptitude test combined with an interest schedule and personality profile helps formulate a more relevant career profile. An aptitude test can open up avenues you may never have even considered before.

How long will it take for me to complete the test?

The basic aptitude test will take about an hour and a half to complete. The comprehensive test duration would be about three hours. No preparation is required other than that of arriving on time! The test is administered face-to-face at Pathfinder Clinic. Items required for the test are provided at the time of aptitude testing. Feedback and counselling on your aptitude test report are provided within 5-7 days.