World Mental Health Day

Post date: 09-Oct-2012 17:32:07

world mental health day

World Mental Health Day - Movie Survey

Mad about the Movies?

But what do the movies say about 'madness'? Give us your views on the depiction of mental illness in the movies. To create awareness on World Mental Health Day (10th October) we invite you to share your views on ANY Hindi, or regional Indian Language film in which one of the main characters has a mental illness or mental disorder.

Think beyond the cliche - think Intellectual Disability (Anjali), Alcoholism (Devdas), Dementia (U Me aur Hum), erotomania (Darr, Gupt). Don't just look for 'serious' movies - remember Munnabhai had visual hallucinations in Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Take the survey, tell us what you think