Student stress and conflict

Post date: 02-Mar-2011 09:27:53

Dr Neville Misquitta - Student stress and conflict

Dr Neville Misquitta spoke on "Student stress and conflict" at a workshop conducted by PGM College of Engineering, Wagholi, Pune on 12-Feb-2011. Under the auspices of the University of Poona, the workshop aimed to update young faculty about newer teaching methods and concepts.

The focus was

              • Stressors and their effects on students

              • Conflict parameters and conflict resolution

As an integrated mental health centre, Pathfinder Clinic is actively involved with projecting and providing solutions for mental health problems in society. This talk by Dr Neville Misquitta on "Student stress and conflict" is another initiative towards mental health promotion in Pune.

Dr Neville Misquitta

Student stress and conflict