Parent-Management Training

Post date: 13-Nov-2017 13:13:32

Therapist Piyali Misquitta leading a group in Parent Management Training

Parent Management Training I/IV

Piyali Misquitta, MA Clinical Psychology

Parent Management Training is an interactive training program spread across 4 weeks of workshop consisting of one hour each week. The training is aimed at skill development and practical application of behaviour modification for parents to improve challenging behaviours of their child(ren), and any associated conditions that may be present.

Parents learnt how to go about stimulating desirable behaviours in their child. They facilitated an environment such that the desirable behaviours become second nature. Parents received hands-on experience on how to manage their child’s problems in a functional way. This reduces the chances of recurrence of unwanted behaviours like temper tantrums, crying before school and not doing homework.

Parent Management Training is a one of a kind workshop aimed at creating a facilitative environment for your child. It minimizes external problems and internal issues that the child may be facing. Peer support and social support and interaction with therapists helped parents through the problems that they faced with their child.