Anti-dementia drugs delay nursing home admission

Post date: 16-Oct-2011 06:59:27

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Treating patients who exhibit early signs of dementia with cholinesterase inhibitors has immense implications not just in terms of money, but also emotions and stress. Use of these medications is associated with increased longevity in patients with dementia.

Cholinesterase inhibitors are prescribed in dementia to reduce behavioural and cognitive symptoms. In addition research shows they have other effects on quality of life and longevity. These effects further reduce caregiver burden associated with dementia. The present study is unique in that it was not supported by any drug company.

Emad Salib, Jessica Thompson. Use of anti-dementia drugs and delayed care home placement: an observational study The Psychiatrist Online October 2011 35:384-388; doi:10.1192/pb.bp.110.033431

Antidementia drugs can delay nursing home admission by a year.