Dr Neville Misquitta Consultant Psychiatrist at Pathfinder Clinic Pune has more than 25 years experience. Treating acute and chronic psychiatric disorders in adults and children is what he does best. Depression, anxiety disorders – including social anxiety, phobias, panic disorders and OCD are commonly managed in the clinic setting. Dr Misquitta has put his extensive experience to good effect treating bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia and other major psychoses. PTSD and stress related disorders, insomnia, sleep disorders, and problems related to Alzheimer's Dementia are treated. Problems like body image disorders and anorexia nervosa are managed effectively.

Dr Misquitta has more than 20 years experience with children having ADHD, Learning Disorders, and behavioural, emotional and academic problems. Dr Misquitta was Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the famous AF Golden Jubilee School that pioneered the concept of inclusion with the first integrated Special Wing in Delhi. He initiated the Child Psychiatry consultation-liaison program at ASHA School for Children with Neuro-developmental Disabilities, Bangalore. He is the principal author for the Armed Forces Guidelines on Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and has published papers on child psychiatry.

Dr Neville Misquitta MD Psychiatry at Pathfinder Clinic Pune
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Appointments ensure adequate time for an effective session. We strive to facilitate same or next day appointments within the time constraints. Appointments with Dr Misquitta at Pathfinder Clinic are best booked telephonically or through our online appointment form. It is best to arrive at least 10 minutes before the appointed time and complete registration formalities before the start of the session. Mental health problems require a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach for successful resolution. Fragmented and disorganised resources are a major concern for this group of persons and their caregivers. Pathfinder Clinic overcomes these barriers by providing integrated, ethical, and effective mental health care under one roof.

Dr Neville Misquitta is an alumnus of AFMC Pune which is consistently among the top 10 medical colleges in India. He completed his MD Psychiatry in 1993 and was awarded the Kekobad Minocher Framroze Prize for obtaining top position at the University of Pune. He has worked at the best psychiatry centres all over India. His experience includes professorship in psychiatry, and he is a recognised postgraduate teacher and guide for the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Dr Misquitta conducted funded research on PTSD, for which he was the principal investigator. He has presented papers and conducted workshops at national and international conferences.