About Us
Psychiatrist in Pune with a team of qualified and experienced mental health professionals under one roof at Pathfinder Clinic.

We offer comprehensive psychiatric and psychological treatments for mental health illnesses in all age groups. We specialise in resolving academic, behaviour and emotional problems in children and adolescents. Mental health problems require a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach for successful resolution. Fragmented and disorganised resources are a major problem for this group of persons and their caregivers. Pathfinder Clinic overcomes these barriers by providing integrated, ethical, and effective mental health care under one roof.

Visits at the Clinic are appointment based to ensure adequate session-time with minimal waiting. Our diagnostic methods include ratings on standardised and validated questionnaires and psychological tests. We use algorithms to guide our treatments and return you to normal functioning at the earliest. We maintain privacy and confidentiality at every stage of this process.

Thanks for visiting our website. The Clinic is located at Destination Centre, Magarpatta City, Pune