Our Team
psychiatrist in pune Dr Neville Misquitta
MD Psychiatry, AFMC Pune
Consultant Psychiatrist
Twenty-five years in Psychiatry practice. Experienced Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.
Piyali Misquitta Psychologist
Ms Piyali Misquitta
MA Psychology, SNDT Churchgate, Mumbai
Psychologist & Therapist
Five years in Clinical Psychology. Certified therapist for CBT.
Experienced in LD assessment for children.
clinical psychologist Dr Bharati Rajguru
MA, PhD Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychologist
Extensive experience with neuropsychological testing and psychometry including Rorschach
developmental pediatrician Dr Michelle Vas
MD Paediatrics, PGD Developmental Neurology
Developmental Paediatrician
Special interest in developmental neurology