Child Psychiatrist in Pune

Child psychiatrist at Pathfinder Clinic Pune, Dr Neville Misquitta provides an integrated evaluation and treatment of behavioural, emotional, and academic problems in children and adolescents. Problems in children have a profound effect on the family. The child is unable to achieve their full potential at home and school. The parents suffer when things go badly for their child. Consulting a child psychiatrist is a difficult step for parents. However, it is best to tackle problems early. Most children enjoy the assessment process. Many adolescents and older children are relieved that their parents are getting them the help they need. Working with qualified professionals can make a positive difference in the life of your child and family.

child psychiatrist Pune

The range of behavioural and emotional difficulties addressed includes

  • Attention and behavioural disorders including ADHD
  • Learning disorders including dyslexia, writing difficulties, math disorders, and other school-related learning problems
  • Conduct disturbances including those related to disobedience, aggression, stealing and inappropriate sexual behaviour.
  • Anxiety, phobias and depression in children and adolescents
  • Autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability (mental retardation), and cerebral palsy
  • Speech, language, and motor skills delays
  • Sleep disorders, feeding problems, bed-wetting, and encopresis (soiling)

Developmental Paediatrician

Developmental pediatrician services are vital when your child has a developmental delay or a genetic/ hereditary problem.

The developmental pediatrician has knowledge, training and experience in the developmental curve of children:

  • When and how they learn to sit or walk
  • When they learn to communicate
  • When they develop social skills

The developmental pediatrician can detect these delays at an early stage. They can correlate any delay in these areas to specific medical disorders. Based on the developmental pediatrician can order necessary tests and remedial measures. She can then refer the child for psychiatric or psychological therapy as required.

Child Psychiatrist Services

Child psychiatry consultation is the foundation stone for children and adolescents with behavioural, emotional and academic problems.

A child psychiatrist is a doctor with specialisation and experience in mental health problems of children and adolescents. He has a dual knowledge - that of medicine and psychology. This dual perspective helps answer questions that often arise in relation to interpretation of assessment

  • Is there possibility of underlying physical or hormonal problems?
  • What should be the modality of treatment - child counselling, family counselling, behaviour therapy, medication?
  • Which combination of therapies will benefit the child?

The child psychiatrist oversees all aspects of diagnosis and treatment in all subsequent visits of your child.

Child Psychologist Services

Child psychologist services are essential for assessment and therapy of your child.

Clinical psychology assessments help confirm a diagnosis. It rules out related disorders and provides an objective baseline measurement. The child psychologist assesses aptitude, personality and intelligence for making meaningful career choices.

Child psychologist services include child and family counselling, behaviour therapy, play therapy, and parent training. The child counsellor works closely with the child psychiatrist to optimise your child's functioning at home and school.

Children with autism and intellectual disability (mental retardation) are especially benefitted with early intervention to learn communication, behavioural and self-help skills.

At Pathfinder Clinic, Pune the child psychiatrist, child psychologist and developmental pediatrician work closely to provide coordinated care that addresses medical, psychological and developmental concerns of your child.