Psychologist Jobs

Psychologist jobs full time and part time at Pathfinder Clinic Pune. We are looking for CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS for the following positions:

Senior Psychologist
  • Qualifications - MPhil Clinical Psychology with masters and bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Experience - 2 years in clinical practice preferred
  • Attributes - Must be able to handle all Clinical Psychology requirements (assessments and therapy of all age groups). Must be able to provide solutions and advise regarding clinical and administrative issues in psychology. Must be willing to work in collaboration for seamless patient care.

The Clinical Psychologist POSITIONS BELOW ARE PRESENTLY FILLED. However, you may post your resume through the on-line form and we will contact you as and when a position becomes available.

Clinic Coordinator
  • Must have both a masters and bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Experience - Fresher
  • Attributes - Must be able to communicate with clients and colleagues. Able to assess client needs and allocate them to available resources in the clinic. Must be able to follow therapy guidelines of the clinic. Must apply test manual guidelines in all psychological assessments. Must work with colleagues until allowed to work independently.
Remedial Teacher
  • Must have a masters degree in Clinical Psychology or Rehab Psychology
  • Experience - Remedial Teaching, Psychometry, Behaviour modification
  • Attributes - Comfortable with children and their parents.

The professional in clinical psychology will be responsible for all psychological services including counselling, psychotherapy, and psychological testing. The clinical psychology professional must have a thorough grounding in psychometry  and psychological statistics in order to apply new tests as and when they are inducted. The mental health professionals will also conduct on-going programs in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and behaviour therapy. These include programs for anger management, depressive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and OCD. The clinical psychologist will also be expected to conduct couples therapy  and marital therapy for relationship problems.

Child psychiatry services are a focus area in which the clinical psychology professional would be required to work. Experience in psychological testing using projective techniques would be essential. Conducting behaviour therapy and parent management training for families of children with  ADHD, conduct disorders and other behavioural disorders is an essential requirement.

Psychologist jobs are available both full time and part time. Salary will be commensurate with experience. If you are an experienced clinical psychologist and would like to contribute to this exciting field contact us today. 

psychologist jobs

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