Psychologist Jobs

Psychologist jobs full time and part time at Pathfinder Clinic Pune. We are looking for CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS for the following position:

Assistant Clinical Psychologist
  • Qualifications - MA Clinical Psychology with masters and bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Experience - 0 to 2 years
  • Commitment - 1 year 
  • Attributes - Must be able to assist  the Senior Clinical Psychologist in assessments and therapy of all age groups. Must be able to communicate with clients, staff and colleagues. Must be willing to work in collaboration for seamless care.

Assistant Psychologist will work with the senior psychologist to conduct assessments and produce timely reports. They will also assist in therapy and maintain client files. The Assistant Psychologist will conduct psycho-education and management therapy for caregivers. Assisting the psychiatrist is also required on a regular basis. The clinical psychologist will also interact with other doctors regarding psychological issues of their clients as and when referred. Accuracy, speed of work, empathy and communication skills are essential. Opportunities for learning will be many, and will be offered depending on progress and ability.

Child psychiatry services are a focus area in which the clinical psychology professional would be required to assist. Conducting behaviour therapy and parent management training for families of children with  ADHD, conduct disorders and other behavioural disorders is an essential requirement.

Psychologist jobs are available for full time at present. Salary will be commensurate with experience. If you would like to work in this exciting field contact us today. 

psychologist jobs

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