Dr Neville Misquitta MD Psychiatry, an alumnus of AFMC Pune has more than 20 years clinical experience in psychiatry. He leads our team of psychiatrist, psychologists, and counsellors to provide optimal treatments for an early return to a normal functioning. 

Pathfinder Clinic provides comprehensive and seamless treatment for psychiatric and psychological problems of all age groups. We specialise in child and adolescent psychiatry for management of childhood behavioural and emotional problems.

Services at Pathfinder Clinic are appointment based to facilitate adequate session-time for an effective consultation. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained for every visit. Our values guide all our interactions.

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Psychiatric and psychological problems affect all age groups
and impair productivity, intimacy and enjoyment.  Children are especially vulnerable. Severe psychiatric illnesses  have their onset in childhood and adversely affect schooling and development into adulthood. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve outcomes for work, relationships and self-fulfilment. At Pathfinder Clinic we strive to help you achieve this.

For an appointment call +91-20-66069676 or book online
We are open Monday to Saturday 10AM and 8PM.


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